*In Frankky Productions section: I re-deleted a collaborator to the team: he's no longer my friend once again.


*One link for my MySpace account have been created instead of the whole address. This is more simple. This add has been made from a library's computer since I can't edit the right way by my cellphone.

*Happy new year 2023! :)

*The year is changed in the bottom of this page, so all the pages.

*I removed TBWoRLd.Tk from the sites of mine. So you guys don't get confused!

*If anyone is interested to join a great gang of music fans, you should think about Frankky Productions. Please visit Frankky Productions page or on Facebook for more information.

*Note that Dj Frankky - J'démolis Pas Tout is avalaible only in cd single as original vocal version and mixed with Mozart - O Fortuna in my MySpace account. None of my MySpace songs are avalaible as download though.
To download something, please refer to my 2013 mixtape of everything good to listen to every electronic or popular music listeners to my SoundCloud, link avalaible in Contact page.

*Note that one of my productions has changed of name. Dj Frankky - Who Is Ready To Jump Internet Friends (Mashup) to Dj Frankky - Who Is Ready To Die (Bootleg), not avalaible on my MySpace but avalaible on Frankky Summer Mix 2017 only copy cd by Dj Frankky of June 10th 2017.

*A new song appears called "Chu Tanné De Toute". New song avalaible on my MySpace in 5th position, a single is avalaible on my MySpace.

*New remix made August 2 2014.. T-Pain feat Ne-Yo - Turn All The Lights On (Frankky Remix).. added to Music section of this site and not avalaible on my MySpace account.

*The domain for Frankky website has changed back. Now visit it at www.frankky.tk !

*Made up 2 new mashups not avalaible on my MySpace account:
Dj Frankky - Who Is Ready To Jump Internet Friends (Mashup)
Dj Frankky - Lady Children (Mashup)

*Made a 15-tracks new compilation: Frankky Selection 21!

Avalaible for real life friends only!


*My new remix is o
ut! Not avalaible on my MySpace account.
- Psy - Gangnam Style (Dj Frankky Remix)


*I play sometimes Midtown Madness 2. Fun to play at this game old of 15 years!




*I do an accounting diploma at CFP Samuel-De Champlain professional centre since August 28th 2012 till June 2015! 




*Frankky Forum is now online! Get in touch and stay in contact with Dj Frankky! www.ffrankky.tk